1) At age of 10 in 1952
On the left, singing at a school activity
2) As a sixteen year old schoolboy
3) Musashino Fine Arts School, Tokyo (1963-1967)
Self portrait, 1967, oil painting, 53x41 cm
4) Yokohama harbour in March 1967
Morio Matsui was 24 years old. Boat trip from Yokohama to Nakhodka. Flight from Nakhodka to Khabarovsk.Transsiberian from Khabarovsk to Moscow. Moscow...
4) National School of Fine Arts in Paris
Atelier Singier 1967 to 1972
6) Southern France
Edouard Pignon's studio at Hyères in 1969. Matsui met Picasso, an old friend of Pignon and his wife, the art critic Hélène Parmelin. When they met Pic...
7) Paris 1972
'Êtres humains' series
8) 1975
At his studio in Paris.
9) 1975
On the roof of his Parisian studio
10) 1985
At his his Parisian studio
11) Debating Art at Kenninji temple in Kyoto. June 1987
Yamashita Yosuke, jazz pianist. Morio Matsui. Raku Kichizaemon, ceramist, 15th generation.
12) 1990
With his 'jewelry-paintings' in Tokyo.
13) Canvas in Quiet, Polydor, 11-25-1996
Tribute to Morio Matsui in Corsica by Yosuke Yamashita at the piano.
14) Powerwagon belonging to Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan
Invited by the prince to 'Barzan' palace for a discovery of the desert. Abou Dhabi 1999
15)....his caravan and the garage under construction!
Abou Dhabi 1999
16) portrait of Sheikh Hamad
10-30-1999. Oil on canvas 98x98 cm.
17) Monte Carlo. April 1999
Presentation to the Press of his painting entitled 'Kakejiko' (1000x215cm 1987), hanging from the front of the Monte Carlo Atrium.
18) Paintings. April 1999
At the atrium of Monaco's Opera.
19) Monaco Grand Prix 2000
With his friend since 1984. Mr Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula I until 2016.
20) For the 75th anniversary of the Monte Carlo Country Club (2003)
The inauguration of Morio Matsui's exposition by SAS Prince Albert II, Mrs Elizabeth-Anne de Massy (President of the the Monegasque Tennis Federation ...
21) Corsica 2006
Michel Dauberville and his wife at the studio.
22) Japan 2008
Invited by the founder to Hello Kitty's house with Marilyn Monroe's bathtub!
23) Tokyo 2008
The artist's portrait broadcasted at the Chanel Nexus Hall, Tokyo 2008.
24) Goto islands (Nagasaki)
Studio-school since 2008
25) Goto islands (Nagasaki)
Corridor at the studio-school
26) Goto Cultural Centre Goto in 2010
students in front of the painting 'No more Nagasaki'
27) Peace speech at the Toyohashi museum 2010
Former Director-General of UNESCO, Mr Koïchiro Matsuura (1999-2009). During the retrospective in July-August 2010
28) Studio-school in Goto 2010
Full page article published in the 'Asahi Shimbun' newspaper (equivalent of 'le Monde') on 09-06-2010 printed in 8,031,579 copies.
29) Tokyo 2010
The painting entitled 'La Paix' at the 7th anniversary of the 'Club Concierge'.
30) Japan 05-08-2011
Inauguration at the Tsushima airport of two paintings from the series 'Yuuki' (courage). Top: 'Chikara' (force), 2011, oil on canvas, 73x92 cm. bottom...
31) Japan 10-01-2012
Art Speech at the Kokura base with the painting 'Hope Japan' (Centre)
32) Nagasaki 05-30-2012
The artist's speech at the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum for the opening of his exhibition
33) 2013
Honorary president of Goto's (Nagasaki) firefighters since 2009 (centre front row)
34) Goto islands (Nagasaki) 01-22-2013
Visiting with Unesco's president of honor Mr Koïchiro Matsuura (director-general from 1999-2009) at the studio-school.
35) Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall 21-22 june 2013
Health colloquium participation with several large paintings: 'The 18th congress of Japanese society for palliative medicine'(15 360 visitors).
36) Nagasaki 06-07-2014
Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga, attending the exhibition 'Création de la Lumière' at Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum. 151 paintings + 17 measuring 10 meters...
37) Lourdes. July-August 2015
Tribute to "Mon Neko" next to Pope John Paul II at the Notre-Dame Reception (43 paintings en 6 places).
38) Kyoto 10-25-2016
Emperor Akihito and Empress's visit to Kamigamo-jinja temple. During the painting process of "fusuma-e" (Japanese paper sliding doors)
39) France - Japan, April 2017
A 50 year career for the artist (1967-2017) and 35 years for his secretary (1982-2017)
40) Kanda Myojin, Tokyo 04-04-2018
Work ongoing at the sanctuary's cultural center
41) Japan 06-2020
The artist in the cultural press
42) Toyokawa 08-2020
Exhibition inauguration with Mayor Takemoto at Sakuragaoka Museum
43) Kyoto 08-2020
Traditional cultural evevning with Maiko and Geiko organized by the artist.
44) 2020 cultural olympic games
Lithuania-Japan : cultural performance at Kanda Myojin sanctuary. Tokyo (07-23-2021)